The Kidney & Sanjiao Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

The Kidney Channel
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Within the perspective of the primary channels of acupuncture, the Kidney meridian reflects the deepest layer of human energetics – the inherited, congenital, and constitutional level.  Understanding its dynamics affords the clinician access to genetic and epigenetic information which can foster a patient’s ability to further learn about his or her illness in the scheme of life and its predestined tendencies.  From a philosophical perspective within Chinese medicine, Kidneys represent the Water element, which signifies completion — the maturity and ripening (at times, the dying process) – within the cycles of life and evolution.  In addition, Water conveys the substantiation of the spirit in the physical realm and its qualities of flow, erosion, and depth.

The San Jiao (Triple Heater) Channel

San Jiao is one of the most elusive concepts within Chinese medicine.  Conveying mystery due to its lack of substantiation, it is often conceived as the intricate balance or “states” between the form and the formless. It’s principles and theories have been influenced by the Yijing (Book of Changes), Chinese alchemy, and the practice of qigong.  The channel appears in the sequence of the primary meridians after visitation to the constitutional level and acknowledgement of the heart pains endemic in human existence.  As such, the San Jiao channel offers insight into the cultivation techniques crucial for the resolution of our mental-emotional attachments and affords us the opportunity to recognize the impermanence/formlessness intrinsic in the material/physical realm. 

This weekend seminar explores the significance of the Kidney and San Jiao channels via their sequence, trajectories, and point energetics, along with their relevance to everyday life.


Kidney & Sanjiao Channels