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About ACCM

Academy of Classical
Chinese Medicine

Founded by Paul McCarthy, ACCM is devoted to broadening the practice of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and other Daoist Healing Arts by reclaiming the heritage of Classical Chinese Medicine as guided by the Daoist Priest - Master Jeffrey C. Yuen.

For everyone who is interested in exploring a Daoist approach to healing and wellness.


with Jeffrey C. Yuen & Paul McCarthy

Mind - Consciousness and its Frontiers - from the perspective of Shamanism, Daoism & Classical Chinese Medicine

Mind – Consciousness and its Frontiers – from the perspective of Shamanism, Daoism, and Classical Chinese Medicine When conceived as an immaterial entity, the “mind” has always intrigued and provoked human consciousness of its existence. Using the mind to understand…


Epidemics & Chinese Medicine

Within the long history of the Chinese civilization, its people have endured many epidemics that have resulted in innumerable deaths and continued long-term suffering from those who had recovered but with lingering signs and symptoms.  Confronted with such devastation, Chinese…


Prevention & Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 with Chinese Medicine

Please click the following link if you prefer to read (and print) this article in PDF format. Prevention & Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 with Chinese Medicine Master Jeffrey C. Yuen Over the past 3000 years, China has succumbed and endured over…


Shang - Trauma

Shang – TRAUMA has always been a prevalent issue in all societies, stemming from accidents, crime, domestic and sexual abuse, warfare, torture, natural disasters, etc. Associated with the Kidneys and the Heart (Pericardium), trauma reflects a severe impact on our…


Empowering the Self to Confront Illness

It’s always good to talk to Master Yuen — who always has something interesting, challenging and often — literally — life-changing to say.  This year, his weekend workshop on Chinese Medical Aromatherapy at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire — plus his public lecture on the topic of “Empowering the Self to Confront Illness” — promises to be fascinating from start to finish.


All Diseases Are Rooted In The Spirit

The following is a comprehensive interview with Jeffrey Yuen regarding his public lecture on the topic entitled “All Diseases Are Rooted In The Spirit”.
By Arminta Wallace, Irish Times


Previous Lectures & Seminars

As each of the Public Lectures and Weekend Seminars is unique and will never be repeated, we record each one. Each of these is available for purchase.