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with Jeffrey C. Yuen

ACCM is delighted to share transcripts of a number of articles and interviews with Jeffrey C. Yuen on topics related to Daoist philosophy and classical Chinese medicine.


Prevention & Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 with Chinese Medicine

Please click the following link if you prefer to read (and print) this article in PDF format. Prevention & Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 with Chinese Medicine Master Jeffrey C. Yuen Over the past 3000 years, China has succumbed and endured over…

Healing Approach Based on the Early Roots of Daoism: Shamanism

Jeffrey, once again we are really happy that you are coming to talk to the Dublin community: not just to your acupuncture students, but to everyone who is interested in exploring a Daoist approach to healing and wellness.  Even so, many people may be surprised by the topic you’ve chosen for this year’s lecture: Shamanism and the Early Roots of Daoism.  This might appear to be something of a departure for you – but actually it follows on from a one-year shamanism programme which you’ve been teaching in New York this year.

Empowering the Self to Confront Illness

It’s always good to talk to Master Yuen — who always has something interesting, challenging and often — literally — life-changing to say.  This year, his weekend workshop on Chinese Medical Aromatherapy at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire — plus his public lecture on the topic of “Empowering the Self to Confront Illness” — promises to be fascinating from start to finish.

All Diseases Are Rooted In The Spirit

The following is a comprehensive interview with Jeffrey Yuen regarding his public lecture on the topic entitled “All Diseases Are Rooted In The Spirit”. By Arminta Wallace, Irish Times

A Heart-Centered Approach To Wellness

Jeffrey, the topic of your public lecture at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin this year is, A Heart-Centered Approach to Wellness.  It looks as if you’re building on last year’s talk, in which you spoke about Empowering the Self to Confront Illness, and developing the ideas of reflection and responsibility, which so many people who attended the talk last year found so meaningful and moving.


Interviews/Articles with Paul McCarthy

Obtaining and Maintaining Wellness and Optimal Immune Health during the current Covid-19 Pandemic / Feardemic

Please click the following link if you prefer to read (and print) this article in PDF format (opens in a new tab) Obtaining and Maintaining Wellness and Optimal Immune Health during the current COVID-19 Pandemic / Feardemic Paul McCarthy Academy…


Chinese Medicine: Many Parts one Whole

Interview by journalist Arminta Wallace with Paul McCarthy on various spects of Chinese Medicine.


Interview with Paul McCarthy on the Role of Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Anne Bolger, Director of impregnantnowwhat.com, interviews Paul McCarthy Practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine on the role of Acupuncture for Birth, Pregnancy and Beyond


The Use of Clinical Trials as a Measurement of Efficacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Presented by Mr Paul McCarthy (Ireland) at the International Conference on Integration of Traditional Medicine (Complementary/Alternative) and Modern Medicine. Organised by WHO (World Health Organisation) and IOMS (Islamic Organisation for Medical Sciences) Under the Patronage of His Excellency Professor Atef Ebeid, Prime Minister of Egypt.


Specific Acupuncture Points Modulate Specific Brain Functions: Evidence from Functional Neuro Imaging

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is part of the traditional medicine of China, which also includes herbal medicine, exercise, massage and nutrition. Acupuncture developed through extensive observation and clinical testing over the last 4000 years as a system of medical theory and practice, which is different from, but no less valid than, Western medicine. It has its own consistent theoretical concepts, philosophy of health and disease, theory of disease aetiology, system of disease classification and coherent diagnostic and treatment framework.


How Safe is Chinese Medicine

Oriental Herbs — Western Drugs Recognition and Prevention of Adverse Interactions


Safety of Herbal vs Orthodox Drugs

Safety of herbal vs. orthodox drugs is one of the key issues under consideration by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB).


Previous Lectures & Courses

As each of the Public Lectures and Weekend Courses is unique and will never be repeated, we record each one. Each of these is available for purchase.