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Urinary Bladder Channel of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 11 h 47 min
Water represents the foundation and essence of life, in terms of the manifestations of our thoughts as generated and shaped by our perceptions. Its displacement and irrigation germinate into the realities that serve to validate our lives and our “truths.”  In doing so, water also signifies the substantiation of consciousness. 
In Chinese physiology, as the Yang of Water or the Shen-Kidneys, the Pang Guang / Urinary Bladder begins at the eyes (one of the portals of perception) and relays information back to the brain which then dictates the distribution of jing-essential qi from the Kidneys to fulfill the testimony provided by the external, social, and genetic environment.  Thus through the regulation of the Urinary Bladder, one can influence the manifestation of realities and foster a terrain associated with wellness, health, and empowerment.
This seminar examined the role, dynamics, and therapeutics associated with the Urinary Bladder within the sequence of the primary channels. Its trajectories, acupuncture points, and correlations will be explored, along with its significance in the process of healing.
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