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The Narratives Inherent in the Primary Channels

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The Narratives Inherent in the Primary Channels

Our human existence comprises many stories that can be influenced by our genetics, our environment, our upbringing and education and by social, religious and cultural influences.

Each of you weaves together your own story that reflects your priorities, your traumas, and your aspirations. And as you know, your temperament affects the way you perceive and react to the world —making your narratives substantially unique and different. However, there are usually common threads that link us together as “humanity.”

Such observations were made by the early practitioners of Chinese medicine who codified the stories of human existence, such as the heroic journey or the saintly acceptance, and integrated these reflections into the channels of acupuncture through their names and trajectories.

On this two day course, Jeffrey explains the common stories narrated through history, poetry and biographies of our lives and how these stories have been etched and engraved into the channels of Acupuncture.

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