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The Kidney Channel & Sanjiao Channel of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 11 h 49 min

The Kidney Channel reflects the deepest layer of human energetics in acupuncture at the inherited and constitutional level.  Understanding its dynamics allows the clinician access to genetic and epigenetic information.  This information can help a patient to learn about his or her illness in the scheme of life, accounting for any predestined tendencies.

Philosophically, in Chinese Medicine, the Kidney Channel represents the Water Element, which signifies completion within the cycles of life and evolution.  This determines the maturity,  ripening and, at times, the dying processes.

In addition, Water conveys the substantiation of the spirit in the physical realm and its qualities of flow, erosion, and depth.

This seminar by Master Jeffrey Yuen, explores the significance of the Kidney Channel and San Jiao Channel via their sequence, trajectories, and point energetics, along with their relevance to everyday life.

The kidney is regarded as the body’s most important reservoir and provider of essential energy. In Chinese Medicine, the Kidney Channel system also includes the adrenal glands.

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