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The Gall Bladder Channel of Classical Chinese Medicine

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 11 h 58 min

The Gall Bladder Channel, as part of the continuum in the sequence of the Primary Channels, represents the last yang channel and as such, signifies the summation of all the activities of the previous yang meridians.

Serving as the fu-bowel that connects to the qi fu-curious bowels, the Gall Bladder channel exerts a major impact on the evolution of the jing-essence (or genetics) of an individual and the continuity of one’s genealogy — including latent pathogens and their transmission to subsequent generations.

As one of the two yang channels that access the nao-brain, the Gall Bladder can also stimulate and activate “realms” of consciousness that are often inert in most individuals. Its zigzagging nature also implies its intrinsic nature to bridge, unify, and harmonize the yin-yang aspects of the bodymindspirit continuum.

This seminar will examine the significance of the Gall Bladder, its pathway and branches, its point energetics, and specific functions and indications associated with the meridians from both pathological and wellness perspectives.

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