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The Divergent Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 11 h 55 min

According to the Spiritual Pivot of the Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing Lingshu), the Divergent Channels (jing bie) are one of the most important channel systems that a practitioner of acupuncture needs to study in order to become an effective clinician.

Aside from the primary channels, these ”distinct” meridians connect with their associated Zang-Fu and as such, treat both functional and organic issues pertaining to the internal viscera-bowels. Yet unlike the primary channels, these “separate” meridians can access the yuan-constitutional level directly via the bones.

Thus their clinical applications supersede the primary channels in affecting issues pertaining to congenital, bio-genealogical, and personality disorders.

These channels are also among the most important for the treatment of immunological conditions, from auto-immune diseases to immuno-compromised illnesses.
This conference will expose participants to one of the least understood and known channels of acupuncture since the Song Dynasty.
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