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Spleen & Stomach Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 11 h 53 min

With this seminar, Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen continues the seminar series of exploring and examining the primary channels as a sequence of continuous pathways where one channel evolves into the next channel as trajectories of wellness and healing.

The Spleen & Stomach channels, reflected as the Earth element, convey the foundation of all of post-natal existence — or life on “earth.” Arguably, its understanding and cultivation would be considered adequate enough to treatment all afflictions of humanity, thus extenuating its popularity in contemporary acupuncture practice. In addition, the two channels serve as the foundation for social development through its faculty of the yi-consciousness/mind in learning, conformity, and intelligence. This seminar will explore the dynamics of the Spleen and Stomach channels through their trajectories, acupuncture points, and clinical significance.

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