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Spiritual Development for Healers

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Spiritual Development for Healers

In this seminar, Master Jeffrey Yuen explores the concept of healing as more that just treating illness and disease.  He discusses ways to bring the Spiritual Domain back into medicine and explores cultivational aspects of the healer and the role of the healer in various Healing Systems. Other areas explored by Jeffrey Yuen are the transmutation of diseases and how all diseases have a spiritual component to it. What is the underlying meaning behind the disease we have beyond just the signs and symptoms. “All conditions of life is the laboratory by which one can grow spiritually” “All Diseases are Rooted in the Spirit (Shen).  Chap. 8 Ling Shu. – this topic is also covered a number of years later in a public lecture by the same title.


  • Concept of Healing & Its Components
  • Paradigms of Healing Systems
  • The Role of the Healer
  • Cultivational Aspects of the Healer
  • Pathology as Distorted Physiology
  • Transmutation of Diseases
  • Signs & Symptoms as Metaphors




“Excellent! Great venue, we were well looked after and, of course, Jeffrey Yuen was fantastic. Such a depth of knowledge and very well presented. Fascinating. I hope this will be the first of many in Dublin.”
N. Kingham

“Absolutely wonderful, Jeffrey has an amazing knowledge and talent to impart in easy, understandable and enthusiastic form. Would be very interested in hearing about any further seminars with him. Wonderful experience.”
G. Season

K. Farrell
“Well done. Organisation excellent, venue beautiful, subject matter profound and informative”
C. Leonard

“As a student going into my third year of acupuncture I found the conference excellent and should have attended both days as the overall view and holistic understanding you get as a result is excellent. I would definitely recommend it.”
A. Davey

“Delighted. A great deal of information to digest. A great antidote to “recipe based” prescriptions. Food for thought.”
C. De Buitlear

“Exceptional, more informative and inspirational than I could have imagined!”
H. Collins

“I only attended day 2 due to prior commitment. The day was excellent, descried the theory in a way that was easy to remember. He is the Best lecturer that I have ever listened to. I would go to more of his seminars. Thank you Paul for organising it.”
T. Garety.

“Excellent, would encourage more conferences from a classical Chinese medicine point of view.”
J. O’Byrne

“Course content was excellent. Jeffrey was wonderful, an inspiring weekend. Organisation, food and hotel were faultless. Thanks and well done.”
M. Teaham

“Very well organised. Not being an acupuncturist I was appreciative of the topics of discussion. I want to come back next year.”
C. Chappell.

“Well organised, excellent presenter. Thanks Paul for bringing Jeffrey to Dublin.”
 M. Hammond

“Fantastic, went far beyond my expectations and taught me to let go of them!”
P. Kinsella

“Couldn’t fault it, in any way.”
K. O’Dowd

“Excellent organisation, great venue. Impeccable material presented with amazing clarity. All that and sunshine! Thanks so much.”
J. Pattison

“Excellent. So refreshing to be taught “Classical” Chinese medicine and amazing to meet Jeffrey in the flesh – it’s a real honour. Thanks to all involved”
J. Sercombe

“Raising awareness with simplicity. Thank you”
A. M. Larkin

“The most enjoyable, informative and invoking experience – I will definitely go to more seminars by Jeffrey”
A. M. McClorey

“A wonderful experience, well organised by Paul, great venue. Excellent presentation and information given. Handouts were brilliant. It was a pleasure to be here and gave an insight into the future of classical Chinese medicine, which I was aware was there, but had not encountered in my own training.”
L. O’Hagan

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