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Sinew Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 11 h 56 min

During this conference on Sinew Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine, Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen described the significant meanings, pathways (origins, convergences, sequences), and utilizations of the Yang and Yin Sinew channels (mobility, postural alignment, evaluation based onTong pain, protocols and differentiations).

Sinew channels are important pathways for conduction Wei Qi at the surface terrain to affect the skin, sinews, nerves, sensory organs and the lungs.

The sinew meridians are often associated with ashi/sensitive points and trigger points that manifest through the six zones of Tai Yang, Shao Yang, Yang Ming, Tai Yin, Shao Yin and Jue Yin. Sinew channels are based on the premise that if the exterior is strong, external pathogenic factors cannot invade and internal etiologies are given the opportunity to be released to the exterior.

The Sinew channels also express our moods and feelings somatically through the physical body. Most of us adopt postures unconsciously, unaware of what we are conveying. When we express feelings outwardly, we are activating the Yang Sinew channels, and when we suppress our feelings, we are using the Yin Sinew channels.

The sinew channels are also very important to practitioners of Toy Na, Shiatsu and Massage Therapists. These DVD’s provide you with the ability to access a system rarely used in TCM.

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