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Shang – Trauma

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 12 h

Shang – TRAUMA has always been a prevalent issue in all societies, stemming from accidents, crime, domestic and sexual abuse, warfare, torture, natural disasters, etc.

Associated with the Kidneys and the Heart (Pericardium), trauma reflects a severe impact on our jing-essence and shen-spirit, affecting our longevity, motivations, and the ability to experience happiness in our lives.

In addition, the San Jiao mechanism can be disrupted to influence the dissemination of yuan-source qi and interfere with our ming-life from fulfilling its yun-destiny, causing changes in our xing -temperament/personality and dong-behavior.

The inability to resolve the trauma can also affect the blood to result in physiological changes that can impact the Heart and Brain, placing taxation on cardiovascular and cerebral circulation.

In this seminar, Master Yuen focuses on the management and treatment of trauma from its acute to chronic phases and provided strategies stemming from Chinese medical and spiritual traditions that were often called upon to address the reverberations on the ling-soul.

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