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Qi Gong Exercises for your Patients

Stream from Vimeo: €85

Practitioners of often look for techniques their patients can practice at home to extend the healing effects of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine During this one day seminar Jeffrey Yuen presented an overview of Qi Gong and suggested particular Qi Gong exercises acupuncturists can develop and teach their patients to perform in order to improve their health when they are suffering from a variety of physical and mental-emotional conditions. Through an understanding of basic bodily movements, breath control and postures, participants will be able to analyze Qi Gong sets and determine which systems may be appropriate for specific health conditions.


“Wonderful as always, excellent location and really enjoyed subjects covered in both days. Jeffrey has a unique ability to deliver material in an easy form, while covering large areas. Inspiring and motivating. Huge thank you to Paul for organisation and bringing Jeffrey to Ireland.”

“Very professional, Jeffrey was excellent made the seminar very comfortable and down to  earth and also educational. I liked his manner and friendly approach very much. Thank you to Paul. The lay out of the room was excellent and well run and the enclosed information packs was brilliant, the tea and coffee and pastries were a nice touch too.”
Mary Wortmann

G. Searson

“It provided an excellent understanding of the whole background and principles of Qi Gong. Jeffrey simplified everything and was an excellent presenter. My attention was maintained all the time.”
Maria Maher

“Extremely enlightening subjects. Jeffrey Yuen, a joyous and gifted teacher, Excellent standard, exceptionally well organised, very good venue and seating arrangements. Has lived up to the first class standard we have come to expect from Paul McCarthy and ACCM- a yardstick to measure all other seminars by! Would definitely recommend to others.”
B. Murphy

“Excellent and easy speaker and made it easy to understand”
J. Byrne

“It was extremely interesting and will be an inspiration to learn and study more and apply this to patients/clients, when they come for treatment”
R. Boland

“Jeffrey was inspiring as always. I loved it. Venue and atmosphere were excellent”
S. Ledwidge.

Stream from Vimeo: €85