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Mind – Consciousness and its Frontiers – from the perspective of Shamanism, Daoism & Classical Chinese Medicine

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 11 h 49 min

Mind – Consciousness and its Frontiers – from the perspective of Shamanism, Daoism, and Classical Chinese Medicine

When conceived as an immaterial entity, the “mind” has always intrigued and
provoked human consciousness of its existence. Using the mind to understand the
mind, one is left with the perplexing question, “how can the mind truly realize its
entirety?” or is such an endeavour meant to be fruitless, especially if the mind is
continually evolving.

Drawing upon revelations and insights from Shamanism, Philosophical Daoism,
and Classical Chinese Medicine, certain perspectives on the frontiers and prospects
of the mind have been formulated that may offer an individual a way to explain
and deepen his/her coexistence with consciousness.

This seminar will explore some of these paradigms regarding the construction and
operations of the human mind, including its sensory-perception, reasoning,
learning, memory, and imagination.

Crucial questions relating to the existence of consciousness outside of the body or
the consciousness of various dimensions/realms of existence will be examined.

More importantly, based on these ancient traditions, participants will learn how to
tap into and enhance these facets of the mind and its impact on the health of the

Stream from Vimeo: €175