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Lung & Large Intestine Primary Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 11 h 49 min

With this seminar, Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen begins the series of exploring and examining the primary channels as a sequence of continuous pathways where one channel evolves into the next channel as trajectories of wellness and healing.  Coming from the perspective that humans intrinsically seek balance, illness is then understood as a rebellion or obstruction to the flows and ebbs of life.

Originating with the capability to receive life via the breath, the primary channels begins with the Lung meridian and its subsequent transition into partnership with the Large Intestine meridian.

Focusing on the cultivation and awareness of these two channels, the intention of this series is to arouse the practitioners of acupuncture, acupressure/shiatsu, and qigong a much deeper understanding of meridians through their points, location, and trajectories.

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