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Heart & Small Intestine + (aspects of the Pericardium) Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 13 h 44 min

Daoist Priest and world-renowned Scholar of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen continues to share his extraordinary insights into the 12 Primary Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine with a greater emphasis on the importance of the sequence of the channels and the clinical significance of their progression from the Lung Channel to the Liver Channel. More focus is placed on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the channels and their acupuncture points and with greater intonation on these channels from the perspective of wellness, self-cultivation and healing.

The Heart & Small Intestine Channels signify the process of self-realization through the further refinement of the opportunities, crises, and events that manifest in one’s life — creating the heart “pains” that inevitably emerge from life. These coupled channels symbolize the heroic conquest of gaining mastery or perhaps indifference to what life “throws at you.”  Focusing on how sovereignty can achieved through the Heart channel and its odes, this seminar will emphasize on rekindling the fire and light that burn (however bright or dim) within us, so we can get a sense of completion for ourselves and our patients/clients.  By understanding these channels with their trajectories and acupuncture points, participants will realize the beauty of these wondrous meridians.

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