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Epidemics & Chinese Medicine

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 10h

Within the long history of the Chinese civilization, its people have endured many epidemics that have resulted in innumerable deaths and continued long-term suffering from those who had recovered but with lingering signs and symptoms.  Confronted with such devastation, Chinese medicine has evolved and developed several traditions to address epidemics – most notably, the Shang Han Lun tradition and the Wen Bing school – both of which are still practiced in China and abroad today to prevent and treat such conditions.

Drawing from a historical perspective, this two-day seminar explores the etiologies and pathologies of the epidemics (wen yi) and the application of the various healing modalities within Chinese medicine (i.e. herbs, acupuncture, diet, essential oils and stones) for their prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Among the topics to be explored and discussed will be the historical overview of epidemics and their understanding within the classical medical corpus, such as the HuangDi NeiJing and NanJing, and the teachings from leading clinicians and founders of major Chinese medical styles, including the Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing traditions.

Participants are guided through the concepts of li-prestilence, fu-latency, zheng-upright, and clinical differentiation based on the nature of the virulent factor.  In addition, the role of vaccination will be examined (since such practice was purportedly administered since the 11th century CE).  Importantly, the issue of fear as a co-factor to the disease process is highlighted.

Stream from Vimeo: €175