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Eight Extraordinary Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 12 h 32 min
The Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi Jing Ba Mai) are considered the ancestral and constitutional vessels of Chinese acupuncture. They represent both the blueprint and the architecture of one’s genetic or inherited constitution.
From the physiological perspective they represent the unfolding of the “raw” material structure that one’s body will take, the actual form of the person, as well as the potential energetic and physiological function that that structure will undergo throughout the major cycles of one’s lifetime…. from birth to adolescents to adulthood and beyond.  The Eight Extraordinary Channels, therefore, contain what we could call the Yuan or the Source of one’s existence and more clearly define the true nature of one’s being before and beyond social and cultural influences and so-called learned behaviours.

As such, these channels are utilized for the treatment of congenital issues and conditions that involved damage to the jing-essence.  In addition, these vessels are also cultivated in the promotion of longevity and harmonious aging.  From a pathological perspective, these meridians were conceived as ditches by which challenging pathogens are absorbed into the constitution to result in latency and subsequently, chronic degenerative diseases.  These channels can be used to treat genetic diseases that run in the family, epigenetic pathology that is inherited through one’s race, and overwhelming epidemic and energetic pathogens that can directly threaten the normal functioning of the unfolding of one’s DNA on a day to day basis, as seen in the gene mutation that comes from influences such as cancer.

In this seminar, Daoist Master and Priest Jeffrey Yuen explains the richness of literature on the eight extraordinary vessels and the summation of clinical applications as compiled during the Ming Dynasty by one of the seminal figures in the history of Chinese medicine – Li Shi-Zhen.  This seminar focuses on the role of each of the eight vessels; the treatment principles and strategies associated with these channels; and their clinical significance in modern practice.

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