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Chinese Constitutional Therapy

Stream from Vimeo: €175
Duration: 11 h 17 min

Chinese Constitutional Therapy Medicine is based on the notion that ming-fate can be understood and even altered. This can be done by tapping directly into the jing-essence. By redirecting the dissemination of the jing qi (essential qi) from the San Jiao (Triple Warmer) mechanism.

To fully understand this and the jing-essence, the clinician must gain insights to the client-patient’s dong-moving qi. This is reflected by their physiognomy and morphology. The face reflects how one is facing the world or, more importantly, facing themselves.  Indications that emerge either from the harmonious expression or the conflict associated with their xing-temperament.

These reactions to the inner and outer experiences of life shape your morphology, as conformed, or “deformed”, through one’s body shape and hands.

By examining bodily forms and facial orientations (the rivers and mountains), clinicians can deepen their understanding of how the constitution provokes specific expressions, including illnesses.

This seminar on Chinese Constitutional Therapy explores, discusses, and demonstrates how to diagnose and evaluate these constitutional differences and their impact on illnesses, as well as how their rectification can influence healing.

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