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Aromatherapy in Classical Chinese Medicine

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Duration: 13 h 13 min

For thousand of years, the therapeutic use of essential oils of aromatic plants has been utilized for the maintenance and restoration of health. Essential oils, believed to possess the most concentrated aspect of a plant, were anointed for their scent and applied to create healing on the multi-layered body-mind-spirit continuum. Today, aromatherapy is rapidly becoming one of the most popular modalities of healing available.

Qualities of Essential Oils
This seminar, entitled Aromatherapy in Classical Chinese Medicine, begins with discussions on the energetic qualities of essential oils and properties such as volatility and viscosity, along with a framework from Chinese medical perspectives, including associations between odor qualities, taste, and five elements. Based on recognition of the characteristics of the parent plant, correlations will be given between the different oils and their energetic levels and effects on specific organs and metabolic systems.
Science vs. Chinese Medical Approach
Scientific research has found a multitude of therapeutic properties in the components of essential oils, but generally fails to explain how to apply these oils for the benefit of the client/patient. For example, science has demonstrated that common essential oil components have antitumor effects, but no real strategy has been developed for their application. The same applies to many other properties. The Chinese medical approach is able to articulate those crucial elements, which is missing from the purely western viewpoint. More importantly, the Chinese medical approach empowers the therapist to translate knowledge into effective and meaningful results.
Chinese Medical & Therapeutic Strategies
Aromatherapy in Classical Chinese Medicine and therapeutic strategies, such as strengthening the upright qi, eliminating toxins, or removing blockages will be presented along with guidelines for selecting the appropriate essential oils to formulate synergies for the treatment of individuals with different clinical problems, including degenerative conditions, psychological issues, lifestyle stressors, and infections. Classical concepts of character-typing will also be explored and how to mediate these temperaments.
Learn how their properties are activated upon absorption through the skin and acupuncture points, inhalation, and internal intake. In addition, hygienic skin care and the effects of essential oils on the psyche will be explored.
Who would benefit from this Conference?
Anyone with an background or interest in Aromatherapy, Herbalists who would like to explore the field of Chinese Medical Aromatherapy or Acupuncturists who would like to use essential oils instead of or in conjunction with needling on acupuncture points.
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