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Zouwang: Sitting and Forgetting

Stream from Vimeo: €25
Duration: 2 h 12 min

Zuowang which simply translates as “Sitting and Forgetting” is a process first described by the Daoist sage, Zhuangzi, and is considered one of the fundamental cultivations/meditations associated with the practice of Daoism.

Rooted in the belief that we are all intrinsically connected with the sublime, the techniques are focused on concentrating the mind to sever one from “unnatural” desires, so as to simplify one’s life back to ziran or natural spontaneity. The practice brings one into confrontation with his or her life and provokes a path toward peace and authenticity of self.

In this talk Daoist Master Jeffrey C. Yuen examines the essentials of Zuowang and includes an actual practice of guided relaxation.

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