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Wellness through the Seasons

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Duration: 2 h 15 min

Prior to the advent of the industrial revolution, people generally lived in accordance to the guiding principles of the seasons.  In today’s modern world we enjoy the technological advances of artificial lighting, heating and cooling, computerization and rapid travel – all of which have disrupted our natural circadian rhythms and predisposed our health to potential illnesses.  Arguably, many of the diseases that afflict modern times, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer, may be attributed to lifestyles that are “out of season.”

This evening talk explored the dynamics of the seasons and considered how we might use their principles to maintain wellness in contemporary times.  Based on the teachings of Chinese Medicine, world renowned Taoist Master Jeffrey C. Yuen discussed the energetics of seasonal influences and techniques for using the specific qualities of each season to both treat disease and increase longevity. He also advised on dietary and lifestyle strategies that are practical in modern living.

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