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Duration: 1 h 56 min

Trauma may be described as a unique individual psychological / emotional response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event or set of circumstances that involves a perceived threat to life or to one’s physical, mental and emotional integrity. Such events may be acute one-time occurrences or chronic ongoing. Anyone can experience trauma. Sufferers are normal people, experiencing normal reactions to abnormal situations, situations that feel threatening to them.

In this talk Master Yuen discusses the difference between Wai/External and Nei/Internal traumas, the role of change and expectations in trauma, and practical things that you can do for yourself in dealing with acute and chronic trauma.

Self Care
Physical Care involves movement such as Dao Yin and Yoga exercises, massage and acupressure.
Diet is ideally one that is easily to digest with more fermented foods, high fibre, spices and intermittent fasting. Breathing exercises.

Master Yuen also talks about the role of one’s temperament in trauma and how the individuals drives for survival, interaction and sense of identity are affected by trauma. How to build emotional and mental resilience by reducing loneliness and depression and how joy increasing joy and laughter can help you overcome fear. Meditation techniques such as the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbit, guided relaxation, the six healing sounds, wuji qigong and zouwang (sitting and forgetting) help build mental resilience.

These therapeutic tools, drawn from Chinese Medical and Spiritual traditions can help you make the transition from victim to survivor and build back resilience so you can regain personal strength, reassured safety and renewed possibilities.

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