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Daoist Meditation – Macrocosmic Orbit (Da Zhou Tian)

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Duration: 2 h 11 min

The Macrocosmic Orbit.

The foundation of Qi Gong Meditation is considered the Microcosmic Orbit by which the practitioner becomes familiarized with the major energetic centers and areas of the body located within the central axis.

After making connections between front and back, along with top and bottom, the adept links those areas to the left and right, as well as to the four limbs via the Macrocosmic Orbit. Such linking allows the practitioner to reorient their energy nexuses and to gain deeper understanding of their Ming-life as such connections allow for an unraveling of the jing-essence/constitution so the individual can make conscious choices regarding their destiny.

This talk delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen explored the dynamics behind the macrocosmic orbit and demonstrated how you should practice it.

Health benefits: reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, improves concentration and memory, improves sleep, helps control pain, helps reduce blood pressure and improve overall wellbeing.

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