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Dealing with Emotional Issues – a Daoist Perspective

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Duration: 1 h 43 min

In this lecture, Dealing with Emotional Issues, emotions are examined from the perspective of Chinese Medicine and Daoism. It deals with how emotions serve to purify our Heart and how emotions can give us an opportunity to rejuvenate and regenerate our lives. How emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, can provide us with an opportunity by which the body can have a cathartic purification of oneself. Emotions are also examined based on their physical implications, how they affect the directionality of the flow of energy in our body, the influence of our family and wider society and the levels of competency and responsibility that can be inferred by their evolution and dynamics.

The journeys of the saint, the alchemist, and the hero are discussed and Master Yuen also demonstrates how we can use the six healing sounds in order to harmonise our emotions.

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