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Daoist Meditation – Microcosmic Orbit (Xiao Zhou Tian)

Stream from Vimeo: €25
Duration: 2 h 14 min

The Microcosmic Orbit.

One of the foundations of cultivation in Daoism is Yangsheng – nurturing life – which incorporates a number of disciplines, such as dietetics, daoyin/qigong, meditation, and lifestyle practices. 

Intrinsic to its focus is the relevance of the physique and the ongoing exchange between the physique and the spirit, which can be achieved through physical or mental feedback. 

Among these feedback practices is Xiao Zhou Tian (lesser circulation of heaven) or more popularly, referred to as the microcosmic orbit – a popular method with Taoist cultivators with the mental concentration on specific areas/acupuncture points on the body. 

Its regular practice serves as a foundation to mental clarity, healing illnesses, and spiritual development. 

This talk will explores the healing dynamics of the microcosmic orbit, as well as orientating participants into its practice.

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