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Covid & Infectious Diseases: A Basic Primer on Prevention, Treatment & Recovery From a Chinese Medical Perspective

Stream from Vimeo: €25
Duration: 2 h 6 min

Since the dawn of civilizations, epidemics have prevailed upon humanity, resulting in countless deaths, and continued long-term suffering for those who have recovered but have lingering signs and symptoms – some of which are severe and debilitating, as we see today with long term Covid.

Accompanying these pandemics/epidemics is low morale, anxiety, depression, social isolation and now more that ever, the constant stoking of persistent fear by both traditional and social media, creating a Feardemic.

Chronic fear has a detrimental effect on the immune system – both specific and natural immunity. Chronic fear and stress are associated with the most global immunosuppression as they are associated with reliable decreases in almost all functional immune measures. This means chronic FEAR makes you significantly more vulnerable to whatever virus is currently in circulation.

Over the past 3000 years, the Chinese civilization has endured over 500 epidemics with major traditions of Chinese Medicine emerging to address infectious diseases most notably, the Shang Han Lun tradition of the Han Dynasty and the Wen Bing School of the Ming-Qing Dynasties – both of which are still practiced in China and around the world today for the prevention,  treatment and recovery from infectious diseases.

The focus of this evening’s talk is to introduce you to the Chinese Medical understanding of epidemics and how one can prevent, treat and recover from infectious diseases.

Stream from Vimeo: €25