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This lecture has been CANCELLED due to COVID-19: TRAUMA from a Chinese Medical & Spiritual Perspective

7pm - 9pm, Friday 29th May 2020
Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

JING-TRAUMA, in Chinese Medicine, is viewed as a major disruption to the individual’s zhi-will.  This can  consequently impact a person’s motivations toward self-care, interpersonal relationships, and self-control as the afflicted undergoes physiological and psychological changes.

From a bodily perspective, the initial challenge is how the central nervous system recalibrates with the peripheral nervous system in a healthy manner that allows for a proper rewiring of the feedback loop that can be facilitated through focused bodily movements, such as qigong and yoga.  Psychologically, the ling-soul is disorientated, resulting in confusion, loss of purpose, and alterations to one’s consciousness and personality.  Drawing from spiritual practices, such as Daoism and Chinese Buddhism, traumatized individuals can be guided through meditation and deliberate mindfulness.

Chinese medicine can offer insights to promote the transition from victim to survivor and bring back resilience to those suffering from trauma, so one can regain personal strength, renewed possibilities, and reassured safety.  This evening talk will discuss and demonstrate useful tools drawn from Chinese medical and spiritual traditions in their rich history of dealing with trauma.

Ticket cost: €20.00
Location: Dublin, Ireland VENUE DETAILS