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The Wonders of Plants in Healing

Friday 6th September 2024 from 7pm-9pm
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland
Plants have played a crucial role in human evolution, serving not only as a source of food — but also as balancing agents of the ecosystem.  Co-existing with humanity, plants have served as allies and teachers for understanding our habitat and their symbiotic relationship to our livelihood. Vital to this connection has been their role as medicinal agents for the treatment of diseases and for the promotion of healing.  Yet this relationship is not merely just based on the scientific analysis of plants and their therapeutic constituents, but rather by an intimate communication with them as witnessed in shamanism.
This evening talk will explore and invite participants to reacquaint and restore their innate connection to plants and the corroborating interplay that they have with humanity.
Ticket cost: €30 BUY NOW
Location: Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland VENUE DETAILS