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Healing: The Heart and Power of Belief – a Daoist Perspective

Friday 2nd September 2022 from 7pm-9pm
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland

Healing: The Heart and Power of Belief – a Daoist Perspective

What is belief? Is it simply a convincing assertion presented by those of authority or those that we trust which provides us with the susceptibility to conspire with? Or is belief something that warrants a deeper exploration into its rational explanation and heartfelt acceptance?

Crucial to healing is the belief of the patient/client and how such belief is rendered or fostered by his/her clinician. With the premise that belief can impact one’s physiology, the process of believing or doubting one’s healing can be instrumental to the expected outcome.

Within Chinese medicine, the heart is responsible for circulating such beliefs to manifest as realities, it is the role of the clinician to assess and access the status of the heart in the progress of healing. This evening talk is intended to speak to our hearts and to invoke the heartfelt experience towards healing.

Ticket cost: €20.00
Location: Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland VENUE DETAILS