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Energetics of Herbs Used in Chinese Medicine Based on the Principles of Wellness, Restoration and Therapeutics

13th - 14th April 2024
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland

One of the earliest classifications of herbs used in Chinese medicine is Shen Nong’s Ben Cao that was compiled by Tao Hong-Jing during the Northern and Southern Dynasties as a format for greater understanding of the different energetics associated with an individual when they are well and when sick.

Based on the premise that herbs can promote wellness, restoration, and therapeutics due to preparation, dosage, and combinations, the text provides an approach and insights into specific herbs that are more suitable for each strategy.

While all of these herbs can be used for the treatment of signs, symptoms, conditions, and diseases, the text classifies herbs within the prospects of upper to lower grades which can promote longevity to simply addressing acute health issues.

Utilizing such a perspective, this weekend course will explore the role that herbs used in Chinese medicine can have on the cultivation of our lives and when they can be applied for major health problems.

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Location: Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland VENUE DETAILS