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Death and Dying in Chinese Medicine

5th - 6th October 2024
Ospedale La Carità (EOC Ospedale Regionale di Locarno - La Carità), Via dell'Ospedale 1, 6600 Locarno, Switzerland, Switzerland

Inherent in the human condition is death and dying, with the many issues apparent with such inevitability— ranging from fears, confusion, and stress.
While some may accept impending death, they are still nevertheless uncomfortable with the pain and suffering that may occur during the dying process.
Like all cultures, the Chinese has interwoven the beliefs of what occurs during the dying process and even after death into Chinese medicine. Through such beliefs and clinical observations, healing strategies have been designed to assist those in the dying process, to foster support to their family and loved ones, and to ensure a harmonious transition for the dying into the next “realm.”
This seminar offers a cultural perspective into death with rituals and techniques for the dying and the death.

Location: Via dell'Ospedale 1, 6600 Locarno, Switzerland, Switzerland VENUE DETAILS