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THREE SPIRITS, SEVEN SOULS (San Shen, Qi Ling/San Hun, Qi Po)

Sat 10th and Sun 11th October 2020
Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre, Kraków, Poland

Within the context of Classical Chinese Medicine, all illnesses are rooted in the shen-spirit.  As such, all treatments of medical conditions should be grounded in the spirit. Three Spirits, Seven Souls

Yet the significance of the shen-spirit and its manifestation through the ling-soul within the shen-body is seldom discussed or taught in modern Chinese medicine, aside from the notions of intentionality and character-typing.  Stemming from Chinese philosophical paradigms that served as the foundation of Chinese medicine, understanding the shen-spirit provides the clinicians and patients alike the possibilities of deliberate cultivation and the role of different realms of existence/consciousness has over an individual.

This course will explore the implications associated with concepts utilized in Chinese medicine, such as the ling-shen, ling-hun, and ling-po, the relationships to the stars and planets, and introduce other immaterial entities that can influence our wellbeing within different planes of existence.  In addition, the “negative” aspects of how the intangible can materialize into tangible agents that can cause harm (e.g., gui-ghost to gu-parasites) will be examined.

Lastly, treatment strategies will be presented in the invocation, resolution, and rectification of the ling-soul and shen-spirit.

Ticket cost: €350.00
Location: Kraków, Poland VENUE DETAILS