Historically, the use of reflexology dates back to ancient China, Egypt, and Greece. However, it wasn’t introduced to Western civilizations until the twentieth century, when a doctor named William Fitzgerald first introduced it to the West. He referred to this type of treatment as zone therapy. Reflexology uses deep pressure point massage with thumbs and fingers to points on the hands, ears or, more commonly, the feet, which correspond to specific organs and parts of the body. It is used for the relief of numerous conditions including PMS, nervousness, gastro-intestinal complaints, headaches and depression, among others.

Today, reflexology is used as a therapeutic treatment for a full range of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, migraines, and arthritis. This type of therapy is even said to be helpful in treating infertility, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, and sleep disorders. Furthermore, many believe it to be particularly helpful in the treatment of a full range of stress-related conditions. However, it is not a cure for medical conditions or diseases. Perhaps one of the most important uses of reflexology is for stress relief. In today’s world, individuals are faced with ever-increasing levels of physical, mental, and emotional stress. Reflexology therapy can act as an effective tool in relaxing the body and the mind, relieving stress, and helping to restore a general feeling of well-being.

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