Introduction to Daoism (Taoism)

This lecture on Introduction to Daoism was held at The Priory Institute, St Mary’s Priory, Dublin 24, Ireland.

Daoism is the inherent religion of China and one of the oldest ongoing philosophies of the world. The tradition dates back to Lao Zi who lived during the period of the Warring States.

Its beliefs focus on the fundamental questions of life – the existence of the divine (Dao), the destiny of life (Ming), the presence of good and evil (Xian), and the guidance for the path (Dao) of living a fruitful and cultivated life.

Its theological themes are found in various texts and emphasise on the following:

  • Naturalness (Zi Ran)
  • Vitality (Qi)
  • Non-action (Wu Wei)
  • Refinement (Hua), and its
  • Manifestation (De)

In this DVD (and Vimeo Stream, Master Jeffrey Yuen explores Daoism and its significance in modernity.

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Introduction to Daoism





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Introduction to Daoism