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Over the years I have received many requests from people looking to connect with Practitioners of Chinese Medicine who have studied with Daoist Master Jeffrey C. Yuen.The following contact details refer to practitioners who have completed a minimum of 5 seminars/workshops with Jeffrey Yuen. If you wish to engage with a practitioner I would encourage you to explore with them how they integrate Master Yuen’s teachings in their personal philosophy and clinical practice.

Paul McCarthy

While this site is curated, the information pertaining to training attended, outside of that hosted by the ACCM, has not been validated.This information is reported here in good faith on the basis of practitioner self-report.


Kathleen Dowd

12 seminars with ACCM/Master Jeffrey Yuen1 Seminar elsewhere with Jeffrey Yuen (Switzerland)
Work Woodlands Health Centre Newcastle House Newvcastle Co Dublin Ireland Cell Phone: 0862236335 Website: http://www.woodlandshealthcentre.com
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