Master Jeffrey C. Yuen will be back in Ireland next October 2017 to continue with his series of seminars on the 12 Primary Channels

The seminar is the fourth conference in the series on the Primary Channels from the perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine. The topic for this next seminar is The Kidney & San Jiao Channels  

This seminar takes place over the weekend of Saturday 14th and & Sunday 15th rd October 2017.

This is a unique opportunity for you to experience the channel systems of acupuncture, as they ought to be learned – from the Classical Perspective of Chinese Medicine.

See further detsils (on the Urinary Bladder Channel Seminar) below


Wellness through the Seasons

Using the Guiding Principles of the Seasons for Health and Healing

Prior to the advent of the industrial revolution, people generally lived in accordance to the guiding principles of the seasons.  In today’s modern world we enjoy the technological advances of artificial lighting, heating and cooling, computerization and rapid travel – all of which have disrupted our natural circadian rhythms and predisposed our health to potential illnesses.  Arguably, many of the diseases that afflict modern times, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer, may be attributed to lifestyles that are “out of season.”

This evening talk will explore the dynamics of the seasons and consider how we might use their principles to maintain wellness in contemporary times.  Based on the teachings of Chinese Medicine, world renowned Taoist Master Jeffrey C. Yuen will discuss the energetics of seasonal influences and techniques for using the specific qualities of each season to both treat disease and increase longevity. He will teach representative qigong techniques for each season as well as dietary and lifestyle strategies that are practical in modern living.

Venue: Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

Date: Friday 21st April 2017 from 7pm to 9pm

Cost: €30 Booking: or pay at the door

Further Information: Email:

This lecture takes place on Friday 21st April at 19:00 Hrs.

About Jeffrey C Yuen

Daoist Priest and world-renowned Scholar of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen continues to share his extraordinary insights into the 12 Primary Channels with a greater emphasis on the importance of the sequence of the channels and the clinical significance of their progression from the Lung Channel to the Liver Channel. More focus is placed on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the channels and their acupuncture points and with greater intonation on these channels from the perspective of wellness, self-cultivation and healing!

The Urinary Bladder Channel


Water represents the foundation and essence of life, in terms of the manifestations of our thoughts as generated and shaped by our perceptions.  Its displacement and irrigation germinate into the realities that serve to validate our lives and our “truths.”  In doing so, water also signifies the substantiation of consciousness.

In Chinese physiology, as the Yang of Water or the Shen-Kidneys, the Pang Guang/Urinary Bladder begins at the eyes (one of the portals of perception) and relays information back to the brain which then dictates the distribution of jing-essential qi from the Kidneys to fulfill the testimony provided by the external, social, and genetic environment.  Thus through the regulation of the Urinary Bladder, one can influence the manifestation of realities and foster a terrain associated with wellness, health, and empowerment.

This seminar will examine the role, dynamics, and therapeutics associated with the Urinary Bladder within the sequence of the primary channels. Its trajectories, acupuncture points, and correlations will be explored, along with its significance in the process of healing.

Venue: Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

Date: Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April 2017, All Day
, Each Day

Cost: 325.00 EUR