Jeffrey YuenACCM runs, twice per annum, a weekend of events around the teachings of Master Jeffrey C. Yuen.  We run these events in Dun Laoghaire in Ireland.  We record these events and make them available for purchase around the globe.

This page comprises a list of these events – past, current and future.

Over the course of the weekends, Jeffrey Yuen delivers a 2 day seminar (Saturday and Sunday), primarily focused on practitioners.  The number of attendees is strictly limited as this is a very practical seminar.

Jeffrey Yuen delivers a 2 hour lecture on the Friday evening prior to the seminar. This lecture attracts a wider, public audience.

The seminar series focuses on the Primary Channels from the perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine and is a unique opportunity for you to experience the channel systems of acupuncture, as they ought to be learned – from the Classical Perspective of Chinese Medicine.

About Jeffrey C Yuen

Daoist Priest and world-renowned Scholar of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen continues to share his extraordinary insights into the 12 Primary Channels with a greater emphasis on the importance of the sequence of the channels and the clinical significance of their progression from the Lung Channel to the Liver Channel. More focus is placed on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the channels and their acupuncture points and with greater intonation on these channels from the perspective of wellness, self-cultivation and healing!

Next Weekend Event (June 2018)

Seminar: The Gallbladder Chanel of Classical Chinese Medicine (Click here for more details and registration)


Previous Weekend Event (October 2017)

Seminar: The Kidney & Sanjiao Channels of Classical Chinese Acupuncture (Click for more information and to purchase the DVD)

Public Lecture: WuJi Qigong (Click for more information and to purchase the DVD)