Divergent Channels of Classical Acupuncture

According to the Spiritual Pivot of the Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing Lingshu), the Divergent Channels (jing bie) are one of the most important channel systems that a practitioner of acupuncture needs to study in order to become an effective clinician.

Aside from the primary channels, these ”distinct” meridians connect with their associated Zang-Fu and as such, treat both functional and organic issues pertaining to the internal viscera-bowels. Yet unlike the primary channels, these “separate” meridians can access the yuan-constitutional level directly via the bones.

Thus their clinical applications supersede the primary channels in affecting issues pertaining to congenital, bio-genealogical, and personality disorders.

These channels are also among the most important for the treatment of immunological conditions, from auto-immune diseases to immuno-compromised illnesses.
This conference will expose participants to one of the least understood and known channels of acupuncture since the Song Dynasty.


“Jeffrey Yuen imparts not just knowledge but wisdom. Absolutely wonderful, thank you”.
“Excellent conference. A great teacher, easy to understand. it is a great pleasure to have such a mind blowingly awesome tutor. He made everything seem so simple and comprehensible and that’s to a new graduate with minimal experience”.
C. Day

A. Dunne

“Overwhelming amounts of information, lots of it connecting directly to cases I am dealing with in my own clinic. I expect to find plenty of clinical applications for this material in the next few weeks and I hope in doing so, to assimilate some of the breadth and depth of what has been present. Mr Yuen is a gifted teacher”.
S. Sabean

“As usual, always a pleasure. Even thought I have heard the topic before I learned new details about this channel system as well as other information regarding Chinese medical thinking/ applied philosophy in general. Appreciated the pulse patterns as a diagnostic aid. Facilities are very nice, look forward to the next visit to Ireland”.
L .Boggie

“Very informative, excellent delivery. So excellent to get the spiritual and philosophy of TCM in such detail.”
E. Kennedy

“Thoroughly enjoyable and informative – as ever!”
K. Dowd

“Each time I attend a J.C. Yuen lesson is like getting a little closer to understanding myself, my path and my possibilities”.
S. Castellani

“Makes me think on a different level. It’s fantastic that acupuncture as a medicine reflects the complexity of the human body and behaviour in such a way it’s profoundly simple”.
S.C. Cafferky

“Mindblowing. I can see pretty much each of my patients in it. I love being able to look at their physiology, pathology with fresh eyes from a different perspective. As usual it’s also all the tit-bits added here and there that add even more depth to the understanding of Chinese medicine and not just a point prescription!”
A.S. Morel

“Fantastic. Lot’s to go away with and think about, apply and learn. Looking forward to the next time”
S. Cafferky

“Jeffrey Yuen covers so much material I feel it will be months and even years before I have fully integrated the modality of divergence into my practice. The Classic’s can be difficult to decode and understand and I’m eternally grateful to Jeffrey for his way of simplifying the confusing and brining clarity from the turbid. Many many thanks”.
R. O’Toole.