Cancer Care & Classical Chinese Medicine

The top five cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) are:

  • Men: prostate, lung & bronchus, colorectal, bladder and stomach.
  • Women: breast, colorectal, lung & bronchus, ovary and lymphoma.

These are similar to statistical findings in other European countries and the United States.  Cancer has become a global problem. In 1975 for example, there were 5.9 million new cases worldwide this rose to 12 million new cases in 2007. If these trends continue,  Health officials predict that by 2030, 17 million people will die worldwide of cancer, and 75 million people will be living with the disease and require treatment and follow-up care. This will make cancer the leading cause of death in the world, claiming more lives than AIDS, TB and malaria combined. It is a crisis for public health and health systems worldwide.

In Chinese Medicine, cancer is considered the manifestation of du- toxins, which evolved from different aspects of heat pathology. Over time, this pathological heat process consumes the vitality and essences of the body-mind-spirit continuum. Within Chinese medicine, many strategies have evolved to deal effectively with these toxins and rectify the pathological process.

Collectively referred to as Fu-Zheng therapy, this seminar focuses on the aetiology, pathological process, and treatment strategies involving “cancer.” In addition, Master Yuen discusses how these approaches can be integrated into conventional and other alternative medical modalities.



“One of the most inspirational speakers I have ever attended”
P. Byrne

“Far exceeding all expectations in all areas of Chinese and Western Medical explanations and thought. Jeffrey’s teaching and understanding of both Classical Chinese Medicine and Western Clinical Medicine is far beyond any other teachers I have experienced. He teaches with clarity, openness and a depth of understanding of his topics you don’t experience anywhere else”.
M.A. Ali

“What we have learned before and what we’ll learn in the future is nothing compared to what we will receive today.”
F.F. Marchi

“Excellent! It is such a pleasure to sit and listen to Jeffrey and gain so much knowledge. He is such a wonderful person and teacher. He is the best teacher I have ever attended. I can’t imagine anyone better.”
P. Tiedt

“Thanks Paul for bringing Cancer care to Europe! An in-depth lecture which is of importance for our time and could not be delivered better than Jeffrey Yuen does. A multi –disciplinary approach to health and change/cancer. As always the location is brilliant and the venue lovely. The right environment for absorption and even reflection”
A. Bruin

“Wonderful as always. Great venue, relaxed company and fantastic teachings. Thanks again Paul for organising another great weekend. Keep up the good work”.
T. Sullivan

“It is extremely professional with hand-outs and everything else you could need. In a word “Fantastic”.
A. Dunne

“Jeffrey delivers his lectures with such clarity that it facilitates easy of all the wonderful knowledge that he imparts”.
L. Ellicott

“Well run seminar which kept to the times fairly well”.
J. O’Rourke

“The speaker Jeffrey was wonderful and I look forward to seeing him again. I will be contacting you regarding the other DVD’s available.
S. Lynch

“Very well organised, it has been a very good experience, receiving such a comprehensive seminar on TCM. Having discussed the spiritual level of TCM it is such a help as it is often neglected. Excellent seminar”.
E. Kennedy

“I enjoyed very much Jeffrey Yuen lectures, especially about the topic on Cancer. He brings together the Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine with comprehensive protocols. I am not so familiar with Divergent channels so I find it a bit difficult to follow the afternoon lecture on the 23rd May. I will like Jeffrey Yuen to do a workshop about the use of aromatherapy/essential oils and acupuncture or gynaecology lecture or stones’.
L. Espinosa

“Notes/ Handout very helpful and food to have for reference. Room very airy, bright, excellent that way. However difficult to read overhead/handwriting at times (could larger screen be used?). Jeffrey Yuen is extremely interesting to listen to and learn from. He has a wealth of knowledge on so many topics’
M. Maher